India’s 100 m National record holder wants to sell car for training

Dutee Chand posted on Facebook that she wants to sell her car but later after there had been some offensive comments so she deleted the post

She put up a post on social media with photos of the BMW car, but later deleted it and wrote that she wants to sell her luxury car to cover the cost of training for the Olympics next year

she shared the pictures of her car on her Facebook page with a message in Odia “I want to sell my BMW car. If anyone wants to buy, contact me on messenger.”

Dutee told rediff.com on Monday, “It was a difficult decision for me to put up that post… Had there been an Olympics, I would have been all set, but, as the Games have been postponed by a year, I am unable to support myself.”

Chand said that she doesn’t have any cash.

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